1-Why our product?

Ergonomic and easy to useHigh accuracy using sophisticated technologyUsing cloud application enables on-demand computing services to a variety of customers for both  data storage and calculationsUpgradable cloud application

2-The reason why determining exact position of toric intraocular lens are important?

Accurate alignment of a Toric IOL to the steep axis of the cornea is critical for refractive accuracy.1.2 M Global Toric IOL procedures in 2021, 1.7 M projected in 2026.Current methods are inconvenient and/or Expensive. However, This device provides angular measurements with high resolution  and with 0.1 degrees  steps and continuous 180 degree range.As a result the refractive outcome after cataract surgery with toric iol will be more predictable and reoperation  to correct iol position would be less .

3-What is the drawbacks of  avilable methods used to guide surgeon for intraocular lens position?

Current methods are inconvenient and/or Expensive

a-Manual Ink Marking

b-Digital Marking with Image Registration

c-Intraoperative Aberrometry

d-Femtosecond Laser Capsular Marking

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